Orlando Ballet School classes begin with the Enrollment Division and progress to the Pre-Professional Division. Each level follows a structured syllabus that recognizes cognitive, emotional and physical development. Students aged three to six are place by age while students aged seven and up are auditioned and placed by knowledge, ability and potential.

All students receive bi-annual progress reports and are advanced only when the teaching team believes more advanced work will be beneficial to the student.

Class Level information

Enrollment Division

Students ages three to seven begin their ballet training in the enrollment division, which includes; Mommy & Me, Dress Up & Dance, Creative Movement I, Creative Movement II, Primary.

These classes meet once a week and introduce structured movement and basic stance preparing students for the demands of serious ballet study

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Pre-Professional Division

Orlando Ballet School takes a beginning student to a professional level of dancing in the Pre-professional Division. Students being at the age of seven to nine in Preparatory, which introduces the standard class structure of barre and center work. Emphasis is placed on discipline, musicality, and technique as the students move toward professional dance employment. Students are placed in an appropriate level by a placement class or teacher recommendation.

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Orlando Ballet School Academy (OBSA)

In 2010, Orlando Ballet School launched its OBS Academy program for advancing students. This offering allows select students to train five to seven hours daily, between 10 am and 6 pm with built-in study time for students to devote to their academic coursework in our study hall.

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Trainee Division

Students in the Trainee Division are selected from amongst the top level students by the Orlando Ballet artistic director. Trainees take classes in the Orlando Ballet School Academy program. When students are needed to supplement the professional corps de ballet for Orlando Ballet, they are chosen from the Trainee Division.

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Orlando Ballet II

The bridge between student and professional is Orlando Ballet II (OB II). All OB II dancers are selected by artistic director, Robert Hill and school director, Dierdre Miles Burger through an audition process. They train and rehearse with the professional company on a regular basis and dance in both company and school performances.

OB II dancers also present new and classical works to underprivileged youth and senior citizens at free and affordable costs. OB II performs for over 50,000 individuals annually in local festivals, schools, nursing homes, and at Orlando's premium theatres. It is an opportunity for young dancers to expand their resumes while still continuing intensive ballet study.

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Open Adult & Teen Classes

Open adult and teen classes are offered to mature individuals wishing to study dance. OBS has open classes in a variety of dance disciplines for all levels of students from beginner to advanced. Classes are open to anyone wishing to attend and require no pre-registration.

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Adult & Teen Enrollment Classes at South Campus

Adult and teen classes are offered to mature individuals wishing to study dance. These classes require pre-registration enrollment. Our Central and Seminole campuses offer open enrollment adult classes.

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