Orlando Ballet School

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OBS Teaching Faculty

Dierdre Miles Burger,
Orlando Ballet School

Robert Hill,
Artistic Director
Orlando Ballet

Natasha Glos,
Seminole School - Principal

Kim Marsh,
Central School - Assistant to the School Director

Marion Tonner,
South School -

Olivier Munoz,
Principal Teacher

Bevalie Pritchard,
School Performance Coordinator

Randee M. Workowski,
Outreach Coordinator

OBS Teachers
Olivia Gale
Katia Garza
Kathy Landa
Mila Makaroff
Alia Mattern Purdy
Glynn Owens
Jessica Sibley
Jessica Santos Shoffner
Katie Slattery
Mcclaine Timmerman
Heidi Towle
Eileen Zielinski
Jennifer Lofgreen Zuckerman


OBS Faculty

Kim Marsh, Assistant to the School Director

Ms. Marsh joined the Milwaukee Ballet in 1989 as a member of the corps de ballet and was promoted to soloist in 1992. She began her ballet studies at the Ballet Royal of Orlando in her hometown of Orlando, Florida. Ms. Marsh is a 1988 graduate of the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts degree in dance. She has danced at Gathering of the Green since its inception in 1995, and was instrumental in the creation of the Milwaukee Ballet’s presentation for the Milwaukee Symphony’s ACE program. Ms. Marsh was a teacher for the Milwaukee Ballet School and the Milwaukee Ballet School’s pre-professional program.


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